Rubio on Christie Trump Endorsement: ‘Last Thing We Need Is a Con Man as President’

Friday before hosting a rally in Oklahoma City, OK, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) reacted to Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) endorsing Donald Trump for president.

Rubio said, “Donald Trump proved last night he has no plan for health care, no idea how to balance the budget. I wish Wolf and the moderators would have pushed him more on that. The guy doesn’t know what the nuclear triad is, has no idea about South Korea. He wants to have the power of the states and send our men and women off to war.”

He continued, “He’s the front-runner, no doubt about it. The Republican Party and the conservative movement could fall into the hands of somebody who has basically conned a significant number of Americans into something they don’t want. It’s a party built on optimism and limited government. Last night you had the front-runner and the Republican debate defending Planned Parenthood.”

“I think the only way he’ll be stopped is if voters stop him. A significant number of Republicans don’t want Donald Trump. Right now they’re divided up among all these other people that are running. I think it’s important to stop him, but someone who can unite the party and grow it. That’s the argument I’m making.”

He added, “The conservative movement can fall into the hands of someone who is a con man man. He claims to stand for the working class, and he’s been sticking it to working class Americans. He uses the illegal immigrants to build Trump Towers and has imported foreign workers to take away jobs from Americans in my home state. This is a guy who portrays himself as a tough guy. He’s not a tough guy. This is a guy who inherited $200 million. If not for that, he’d be selling watches in Times Square. My point to you is we’re not going to let someone like that take over the conservative movement after everything this party has gone through and this country has gone through. The last thing we need is a con man as president.”

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