Cruz: Trump ‘Not Someone Who Is Going To Follow Through’ On Immigration

Texas Senator Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz argued that fellow candidate Donald Trump is “not someone who is going to follow through on what he’s saying” on immigration during an interview broadcast on Friday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Cruz stated, [relevant remarks begin around 8:30] “[I]t was revealed yesterday in the press that, right now, his hotel in Florida brings in foreign workers, and refuses to hire Americans. And he was explaining that. He got hit on the debate — he was explaining that on CNN saying, well, it’s just impossible to find Americans who want to work in Palm Beach as waiters, or bellhops. He says you just can’t find qualified Americans. Look, the press story was, roughly 300 Americans applied for these jobs. You know how many Donald hired? 17. Now, you’re telling me there are no Americans who want to be waiters? Funny, when I go down to T.G.I. Friday’s, I see a whole bunch of Americans who want to be waiters, and I’m guessing the tips are better in Donald’s fancy hotel. But the beauty of it is, from big business, if you bring in foreign workers, they’re captive. They can’t leave. You don’t have to pay them as much. They are trapped. That’s why big business likes this. And so it’s why I find [it] astonishing listening to Donald talk tough on immigration. Look, the man faced a million-dollar court judgment for being part of a conspiracy to hire illegal aliens. This is not someone who is going to follow through on what he’s saying, and the difference is, I will, and I always have.”

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