Sasse: ‘If the Republican Party Becomes the Party of David Duke, Donald Trump, I’m Out’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) threatened to leave the Republican Party if it “becomes the party” of David Duke and Donald Trump.

Sasse said, “First of all, let’s back up and give Donald Trump credit for this. He — absolutely, he can recognize an organization that’s susceptible to hostile takeover because the Republican Party has been vacuous for a really long time. The core principles of the Republican party haven’t been clear. So I have lots of problems with the media over the last six to nine months but I have more problems with the Republican Party over the past six to nine years. So ultimately Donald Trump has seized upon a vacuous, falling-apart organization, but when the American people are mad — and they’re right to be mad —they’re right to want to scream no to Washington — they’re also going to want to be for something and they deserve better than Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And I think ultimately there will be more choices.”

He continued, “So let’s admit there are nine months between now and the election and the world is going to change lots and lots of times between now and then. I hope it happens over the course of the next 30 to 60 days that the Republican Party again becomes the party of Abraham Lincoln, limited government and great human potential. I want to celebrate what’s great about America in the Republican Party. But if the Republican Party becomes the party of David Duke, Donald Trump, I’m out. And I think lots and lots and lots of people are out. So ultimately there will be more choices than these two if Trump is the nominee.”

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