Cowherd: Tebow’s ‘Faith-Based, Crazy Fans’ Hurting His Career

On the Monday broadcast of “The Herd” on Fox Sports 1, host Colin Cowherd blamed former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow’s “faith-based, crazy fans” for Tebow being out of a job at this point in his career.

According to Cowherd, Tebow can still play in the NFL due to his athleticism, but “his fans ended up hurting him.”

“I think with Tebow, his fans ended up hurting him,” he said. “I think Tebow’s fans hurt Tebow more than Tebow. Nobody wants Tebow because his faith-based, crazy fans that take over the stadium. That’s why Denver had to go out and get Peyton Manning, because Tebowmania took over Denver. Tim’s a good enough athlete to be on every roster in this league, absolutely.”

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