RCP’s Bevan: ‘It Will Be a Trump Tsunami — The Question Is Just How High Does the Water Rise’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Real Clear Politics executive editor Tom Bevan predicted a “tsunami” for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. The only question to him was how big tonight will be.

Bevan told host Joe Scarborough the polls are firmly in Trump’s favor and will come down to the margins in some congressional districts to determine how Trump does bolstering his delegate count.

“The only state that he is not winning is the state of Texas where Ted Cruz has a pretty solid lead there,” Bevan said. “We have good data out of Texas. Six polls taken in the last 10 days show Cruz with about a nine-point lead. Every other state, virtually on the docket, especially states with polling data, Trump has double-digit leads. The only place where he’s under double digits is Oklahoma. He’s 8.6 percent. He is in solid shape. It will be a Trump tsunami. The question is just how high does the water rise, to the point Chuck [Todd] made earlier as far as the delegate totals go in the congressional districts where the vote shakes out.”

Scarborough asked what the best case scenario for Rubio would be, which Bevan said was success with his efforts in Minnesota and the suburbs of Northern Virginia and Atlanta in order to maintain some sort of momentum headed to the primaries on March 15.

“I mean, we don’t have any data in Minnesota,” he added. “We have one poll that was taken in January, which is like you know, 10 years ago, in the way that this race has progressed, that showed Rubio up a couple of points. So, his campaign is focused there. They’re focused in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. They’ve been focused in the suburbs of Atlanta to try to pick up delegates out of Georgia. And also in Tennessee. He, Rubio is solidly behind Trump in all the states. The question is whether he can pick up enough delegates and maybe steal something in Minnesota. We don’t know the statuses of the race there. To get out of this thing with enough delegates and credibility, I guess you could say, to get him all the way to March 15.”

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