Peter King: Rubio Has to Win Florida to Continue Presidential Bid

Wednesday on CNN’s “Wolf, ” Rep. Peter King (R-NY) was asked if Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), the GOP presidential candidate he has endorsed, must win the GOP primary in his home state of Florida to continue his presidential bid.

According to King, Florida was a must-win for Rubio.

Partial transcript as follows:

BLITZER: Marco Rubio, he won Minnesota yesterday. On March 15, it’s winner take all in his home state of Florida. Most recent polls there show he’s maybe 15 or 20 points behind Donald Trump in Florida. He’s got to win Florida to continue right? If he loses Florida, it’s over for your candidate?

KING: Yes, again, I’m not speaking for Macro Rubio or the campaign. I would say that Marco Rubio does have to win Florida. I expect him to win Florida. My understanding is the internal polls are a lot closer than the 20 points. But the reality is that Marco Rubio will have to win Florida. I expect him to win it. That’s why I think we very well could over the next few months, see Donald Trump, even though he’s ahead, not getting the majority of the delegates that he needs, which means more than half of the Republicans are still opposed to him. And so the convention could be very lively, so I hope you’re out there covering it.

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