Santelli on Romney’s Anti-Trump Speech: Where Was That ‘Courage’ Against Obama in 2012?

Thursday on CNBC following former Gov. Mitt Romney’s (R-MA) speech on the 2016 presidential race, which he criticized current party front-runner Donald Trump, network CME Group floor reporter Rick Santelli questioned what inspired Romney to engage in such an attack.

According to Santelli, if Romney had shown that “courage,” he would have won the 2012 election and have been president today.

“[I] haven’t seen this Mitt Romney, as a matter of fact, the only word I could think of is irony and I’ll tell you where my mind is going,” Santelli said. “You recall that on September 11, 2012 our consulate in Benghazi was attacked. There was a debate five weeks later on CNN. The moderator was Candy Crowley and basically — she did something I’ve never seen, ever, in a debate, ever. She inserted herself to stand up for the president and how he labeled what happened that night. And Mitt Romney did not show this kind of courage because if he would have walked off the stage, like a Donald Trump would have done, he’d probably be president today.”

“So I guess I’m a little lost that all of a sudden he has the courage that he didn’t display at a time where the vice president, Biden, and the current president, Barack Obama, partially were elected because of the following statement: ‘GM is alive and bin Laden is dead,'” he added. “It was all about terrorism and Mitt Romney, if you’d have had that courage that day, would have most likely won. That’s what I don’t get.”

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