Sasse: Your Candidate Should Be Someone You Would Want At a Dinner with Your Children

Thursday at the the annual Conservative Political Action Conference hosted by the American Conservative Union, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) appeared to take a veiled shot at GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump when he said any presidential candidate should be “someone you would want to sit at a diner table with your children.”

Sasse said, “Will you hear from presidential candidates that champion the greatness of America, not the greatness of Washington D.C. or those who would rule us as politicians. You need to hear from your presidential candidates someone you would want to sit at a dinner table with your children and extol forth the the virtues of an America that is about the greatness of three hundred and twenty million Americans, not the powers of the federal bureaucracy. Do you hear a champion not of tearing more things down but of building America back up. Because I am anti-establishment, but what we need most of all is not just someone who wants to breath fire on Washington but wants to breath passion into our children for a constitutional recovery because that is how we will actually make America great again.”

Although Sasse hasn’t formally endorsed one candidate, he has been critical of Trump on numerous occasions.

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