Skip Bayless: NFL Appealing Tom Brady’s Vacated Suspension ‘Shameful’

On the Thursday airing of “First Take” on ESPN2, co-host Skip Bayless reacted to the NFL appealing the district court’s decision to vacate New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s four game suspension for “Deflate-gate,” which was handed out by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. On top of the now vacated suspension, Goodell slapped the Patriots with a one million dollar fine and the removal of two draft picks.

Bayless called it “shameful on the NFL’s part” that the league will not let “Deflate-gate” go a full season after the court uplifted his initial four-game ban.

“Allow me to say I find this all shameful on the NFL’s part. It’s shameful the NFL won’t just let this go and give this up. Wasn’t enough damage done? Wasn’t enough punishment already meated out by the NFL? The NFL punished the Patriots, as we all know, by taking their first round pick this year, their fourth round pick next year, and one million dollars from [Patriots owner] Robert Kraft. Again, I think those draft choices should be returned once Brady won in court, but that’s not going to happen.”

He went on to ask if it was not enough that Brady’s reputation was now tarnished by the accusations of knowingly deflating footballs for his advantage.

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