Kasich Touts Brokered Convention: Kids Will Learn More About Politics Than the Kardashians

Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, MD, Republican presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) said he foresees a brokered convention, which could be educational.

When asked by Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity if he thought the nomination would be settled at a brokered convention, Kasich said, “I do.”

He continued, “It has to be done fairly. I was there as a really young man in 1976 when Governor Reagan tried to beat Gerry Ford. At the end everybody got together. It worked out. But look, as crazy as this year is — and there is nobody in here who wouldn’t say this is like nuts right? Can you think anything cooler that a convention where we are all going to learn about how America works? And our kids in school will learn more about American politics than they will about the Kardashians. Not that I have anything against the Kardashians, but the fact is Sean, you have to do it right.”

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