Kevin Spacey: ‘Everybody Else Would Be Dead’ If Frank Underwood Ran, He’d Be Behind Trump ‘To Shove Him’

Kevin Spacey, the Executive Producer of CNN’s “Race for the White House” and the actor who plays President Frank Underwood in Netflix’s “House of Cards” stated that if Underwood was in the race “Everybody else would be dead” and he’d be behind Republican candidate Donald Trump “to shove him” in an interview broadcast on Friday’s edition of CNN’s “New Day.”

Spacey said, in response to a question on how Frank Underwood would do in the 2016 race, “Everybody else would be dead. I think he’d fare incredibly well, I think, yeah. Someone asked me, would he support Donald Trump? And I said, oh, he’d definitely be behind him, to shove him.” He added that Underwood’s character isn’t based on any real politician.

Earlier, he stated, “I think Edward R. Murrow was right. I think in 1964, when he spoke to his colleagues, at that journalism dinner, and he shot an arrow across the bough and said, when the news divisions decide that news has to compete with entertainment, when they decide that it has to be about ratings, it will no longer be news. It will be entertainment. So I think the media today is complicit in what we get, because of ratings and because of money.”

Spacey concluded, “I’m a big optimist. I believe in public service, I believe it’s an incredible thing to pursue. And I believe that there are people, I would be frustrated by this, but I believe that there are people, obviously, our world proves that there are people who can get out there in the political world, and get things done, and have progressive ideas that help people live their lives. and I think that’s fantastic. I’d just be incredibly frustrated, because I like to — I really do like to have a goal and get things done. So, I’d probably be — I’d probably take on Frank Underwood tactics to — you know, which wouldn’t be good.”

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