Maher Asks ‘Gods Of Irony’ To Have Republicans Hurt By Environment So They’ll Stop ‘Denying Climate Change’

HBO host Bill Maher asked the “gods of irony” to have various Republicans hurt by the environment so they will “stop denying climate change” on Friday’s “Real Time.”

Maher began by saying, “You can’t spend the first half of a debate b*tching about how immigrants are ruining the country, and the second half, on the uplifting stories of your immigrant parents. The Republicans all talk about building walls, and deportations, and making people learn English.” Maher then stated that Republican presidential candidates Ohio Governor John Kasich, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio had immigrant relatives who barely or didn’t speak English. He added, “And of course, Donald Trump, my father was an orangutan from Borneo, who didn’t speak any English at all.” He further argued Cruz and Rubio wanted to kick maids and dishwashers out of the country, despite their parents working those same jobs

Maher continued, “[W]hile Republicans generally do lack the empathy gene, that is the ability to see other people’s suffer, and then make the complicated leap to, ‘I wonder if that hurts.’ There is an exception to this. They do often get on the humane side of an issue, when it hits them right in their own home.” Maher then listed several examples such as Dick Cheney’s support for same-sex marriage, Jeb Bush’s positions on immigration, drug policy, Dan Quayle’s answer to how he would react to his daughter getting pregnant, Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) opposition to torture, Nancy Reagan’s support for embryonic stem cell research, and Ronald Reagan, who Maher claimed “cared about AIDs, only after it struck his friend, Rock Hudson.”

He then said, “On so many issues, you can only get Republican support if it touched one of their own, which is not good news for the environment. I’ve heard the question many times, when will Republicans stop denying climate change? I’ll tell you when, when one of them can be convinced they’ve personally suffered from it, and if the gods of irony are listening, please make this happen.”

He concluded by laying out several scenarios, such as a shark attacking New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R), Kasich being forced to drink water from Flint, MI, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) being mauled by a polar bear, Rush Limbaugh being attacked by a swarm of dying bees, the Koch Brothers being hit by a fracking-induced earthquake, and Rubio’s home being flooded, and him being swept out to sea, and ending up back in Cuba.

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