Maher: Trump’s Rallies Are ‘Hitler-y,’ Should Be Able To Compare Him To Hitler, I Like Hillary’s Call For ‘Kindness’

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher said that “we should be absolutely able to compare Donald Trump to Hitler, because this is very Hitler-y, which is what’s going on in these rallies” before applauding Democratic candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s calls for “more love and kindness” on Friday.

Maher began by talking about an article in the Weekly Standard that reported on a Vanity Fair article which stated Trump kept a book of Hitler speeches by his bedside, and then played a video that he jokingly presented as an Adolf Hitler speech that had been translated into German.

Maher then played a video of one of Hitler’s speech while he read the mock translation that has Hitler saying, “We’re going to make Germany great again. That I can tell you, believe me. Germany doesn’t win anymore. England, France, America, they’re laughing at us. The Treaty of Versailles, a terrible deal. We have stupid people who are our leaders, really stupid people making terrible deals. President Hindenburg, he’s a stiff, very low energy. He built a blimp with his name on it. It was a total disaster. Look, we are going to have a military so big, and so strong that we’ll never have to use it. Okay, maybe we’ll use it a little. Look, we don’t conquer anymore. We don’t annex territory. When I’m Fuhrer, Germany’s is going to annex again. There’s going to be so much an annexing, you’re going to get sick of annexing. And look, I love the Jews, nobody loves the Jews more than me, but folks, either we have a fatherland, or we don’t, so we’re going to have to build a camp, and I will make the Jews pay for it. When I’m done with them, they’ll be saying Merry Christmas, that I can tell you.”

Later in the show, Maher played a montage of people being thrown out of Trump rallies before stating, “[W]e were kidding about Hitler before, but there’s been this idea for a long time, that you can’t ever compare anybody to Hitler. If you do that, you’re outside the marketplace of ideas, unless it fits. I think we should be absolutely able to compare Donald Trump to Hitler, because this is very Hitler-y, which is what’s going on in these rallies.”

Maher then aired a clip from Hillary’s speech on Super Tuesday where she called for “more love and kindness.” He reacted, “I heard that and I was saying, ‘Yes, thank you.’ A woman saying the thing that makes me, even as a man, go ‘Yeah, that’s why a woman president would be different and good.’ Play the vagina card.”

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