Watch: High School Teacher Attempts to Break Up Student Fight by Striking Student in Head


Per a report by NOLA, New Orleans, LA police has started an investigation of a video posted online Wednesday of what appears to be a teacher at McDonogh 35 Senior High School teacher hitting a student in the back of the head while trying to break up a fight between two students.

In the video, two female students were fighting outside of the school gymnasium and a teacher eventually jumps in to break it up, without much success. She then strikes one of the girls in the back of the head before an officer was able to break it up.

According to the student’s mother, Terri Hunter, her daughter was given a five-day suspension for the fight, which she believes was the result of her daughter being repeatedly bullied. And she does not want her child in that teacher’s class.

“I know (the teacher) was trying to break up the fight, but I don’t think ever a teacher should hit a child,” Hunter said. “I don’t trust my child being in a class with her. She may try to do something else I don’t know.”

The report states that Hunter filed a police report on Thursday.

An internal investigation of the incident is also underway at the Orleans Parish public school system.

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