Broncos QB Brock Osweiler Shoved From Behind, Doesn’t Fight Back

According to a report by TMZ Sports, Denver Broncos free agent quarterback Brock Osweiler avoided fighting back after being shoved from behind.

The quarterback, who currently holds an offer to return to the Broncos to be Peyton Manning’s replacement, was out late this weekend picking up a pizza in Scottsdale, AZ when he started being heckled by a group of people.

One woman tried to confront Osweiler’s wife and the six-foot-eight quarterback pushed the heckler away from his wife.

One man from the group did not take too kindly to Osweiler’s touching of the woman and proceeded to shove him from behind, pushing him hard towards his waiting car.

Rather than fighting back, Osweiler helped get his crew to the car.

Police on scene also helped break everything up.

He made it out of the altercation without injury or being arrested. Most importantly, he did not drop the pizza.

According to local authorities, “there was no crime reported and no victims came forward.”

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