CNN’s Borger: Public Distrust Of Hillary Is Her ‘Achilles Heel’

Sunday, Gloria Borger, CNN’s chief political analyst, said Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s Achilles heel” is her “trust deficit” with voters.

Asked about exit polls consistently showing a low level of  trust for Hillary Clinton, Borger said, “That is no doubt her Achilles heel. I think there’s no easy answer to your question. I think she’s got to point back to history and say to people, I’ve been on your side for decades and decades. I’m not new to this game. I’m somebody who’s fought in the civil rights movement. I am somebody who’s been on the side of economic justice and so on. You know, I think she has to remind people of what she has done in the past. And you kind of have to earn that trust back. But there’s no sort of easy answer to say, oh suddenly, trust me. She understands she’s got this trust deficit. They’re very well aware of it in the campaign. And there just isn’t any answer. Should she become the nominee, she can always say compared to what? Bernie Sanders is better trusted with this electorate right now. So it’s an issue for her.”

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