Colin Powell: GOP Candidates ‘Junior High’ Antics ‘Belittle The Country’

Monday on NPR’s “All Things Considered,” while speaking about the death of former first lady Nancy Reagan, former Secretary of State Colin Powell the said the Republican presidential candidates need to stop the “screaming and shouting and childhood taunts.”

Speaking about Nancy’s feeling on candidates invoking her husband former President Ronald Reagan, Powell said, “She I think is flattered by that but at the same time disturbed, I’m quite sure that some of the people invoking his legacy are really not applying his legacy in their political campaigning or in some of the things they are doing.”

He continued, “To stand there and do junior high school tricks on one another I think is belittling the country and belittling the office to which they are striving to gain. And I hope they start realizing as amusing as it might be, and this is realty television, even Jerry Springer thinks it’s gone too far, and when Jerry Springer thinks you’ve gone too far, my friends, you have gone too far.”

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