Rubio: Trump Not On Pace To Get The Delegates He Needs To Win Nomination

Monday in an interview with KXLY News in Idaho, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said his opponent Donald Trump was not on pace to acquire the delegates to be the nominee, therefore Rubio argued if he can win Idaho, it would “shake up the race in a major way.”

Rubio said, “Donald Trump is not on pace right now to get the delegates he needs to be the nominee. And if you look at it, about 70% of Republicans have said they don’t want him as the nominee. A significant percentage of Republicans say they will never vote for him if he is the nominee. And that means we lose to Hillary Clinton. So he is not on track to have the number of  delegates he needs. I think Idaho can play a huge part in that tomorrow. I’m asking everyone to come out and vote for me Marco Rubio. If I win Idaho it’s  going to shake up this race in a major way. It’s going to give us a real boost and it is going to give us a chance to overtake him in the long run.”

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