FNC’s Kelly to DNC’s Wasserman Schultz: ‘It Has Gotten Vulgar’ on GOP Side, but No One Is Facing ‘Threat of Indictment’

Tuesday during Fox News Channel’s special election coverage, co-anchor Megyn Kelly and Democratic National Committee chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) went back and forth over alleged vulgarity from the current GOP presidential field versus the Democratic Party’s presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton facing the threat of an indictment.

Kelly, who was apparently referring to the Department of Justice investigation into Clinton’s private server she had installed while serving as secretary of state for the Obama administration.

Partial transcript as follows:

KELLY: You know what the response to that on the other side is, which is, yes, it has gotten vulgar on the GOP side, but no one’s facing the threat of indictment.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: There’s no one facing the threat of indictment on our side either, Megyn.

KELLY: There’s an open DOJ and FBI investigation into Mrs. Clinton right now.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Right. Let’s not be melodramatic.

KELLY: Those are the facts.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Well, predicting that there’s someone who is facing indictment is definitely —

KELLY: There was no prediction. There was a statement that there’s no one in the GOP side who’s under threat of indictment. That’s what the Republicans say on this.

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