Kasich: Use Fed Resources and Medicaid To Cover Working Poor, Ensure Pre-Existing Condition Coverage

Republican presidential candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich stated that he would use federal resources and Medicaid to ensure the working poor were covered after Obamacare was repealed and he would ensure people don’t lost insurance due to pre-existing conditions on Wednesday’s “On the Record” on the Fox News Channel.

Kasich said, in response to a question on how he would repeal and replace Obamacare “One is I would take some federal resources, combined it with a freed up Medicaid program, to continue to cover the working poor. We can’t uninsure people. And secondly, we have to make sure that no one loses insurance because of a pre-existing condition, okay?”

He continued, “That all said, we are about to launch a program in our state that I would want to move nationally. Right now, we don’t really understand what it costs when we go to a hospital, what our doctors cost, what the quality is. … So what we’re saying is total transparency. I want to know, if you’re a hospital, or if you’re a physician, I want to know what your quality is and what your prices are, and we can chart it, on a graph. And there are people who charge high amounts, whose quality is not better than those who charge lesser amounts, okay? there’s a midpoint. What we’re doing, this is a market system. We are going to incentivize, with rewards to people who produce high quality, at lower prices, below the midpoint. See, we want to begin to drive healthcare, you know, put downward pressure on it, so that we don’t continue to see it skyrocket.”

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