Seton Hall Law Prof: GOP Acting Like Obama Doesn’t Have Power And They Don’t Have To Advise and Consent

Seton Hall University Law Professor Mark Alexander argued Republicans in the Senate are acting like President Obama doesn’t have the power to appoint justices and “they don’t have to” give advice and consent on Saturday’s “The Place for Politics” on MSNBC.

Alexander said, “There’s a pattern. When a member of Congress stands up and yells ‘You lie,’ going back to the beginning, going all the way through this point, the treatment towards the president. And let’s remember, it’s the president. You know, he is the president of the United States, and he’s going to do his job throughout his eight years. He was elected twice. the people have had their say. And he’s going to continue to do his job. The Republicans in the Senate are acting as if he doesn’t have the power. But the reality is, as a con law professor myself, the Constitution says he has the power to make the appointment, and the Senate has to do its job, advice and consent. But they’re acting like they don’t have to do that.”

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