Detroit Shooting Suspect Arrested Thanks to High Definition Camera Installed at Gas Station

A woman suspected of pulling a gun and shooting another person is in custody after police was able to identify her from high definition surveillance video, per a report by Fox 2.

The shooting took place Sunday at a Mobil gas station in Detroit, MI. The gas station is one of eight Project Green Light gas stations, which means it is in a partnership with the Detroit Police Department.

In the video, a woman in a heated exchange can be seen going over to a blue vehicle in the parking lot, and appeared to put a gun in her skirt. She then walked over to a black vehicle and fired the gun at the driver multiple times before being tackled by a man trying to wrestle the gun away from her.

Both cars then quickly fled the scene.

The driver was was struck multiple times, but the injuries are said to not be life threatening.

According to police, the high definition images helped in finding the suspect.

“Huge success, exactly what we had hoped for,” Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody said of Project Greenlight. “We’re going to see you, and we’re going to see you clearly.”

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