Fmr NATO Supreme Allied Commander Stavridis: ‘It’s Time For a New Administration’ In the US

Admiral James G. Stavridis, Dean of The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, and the former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO declared, “I think it’s time for a new administration” when asked whether he thought the Obama administration would go after the root cause of Islamic terrorism on Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

Stavridis said [relevant remarks begin around 5:00] that the US needs to form a coalition with Arab nations to fight ISIS, but “we are going to need about 15,000 US troops, in Iraq, in order to bolster the Iraqi Security Forces. We need to maintain about 10,000 in Afghanistan. That’s not hundreds of thousands, but it’s a significant number. Second, we need to amp up the bombing campaign. Thirdly, we need to go after them in cyber. Fourthly, we’re have to build…on Arab intel. resources in the region, for boots on the ground. It’s a strategy you can put in place, but we have not pursued it –.”

He added, “[W]e cannot just go after the symptom, which is what’s happened in Brussels today. We have to go after the root of this.”

Stavridis was then asked, “Will we see that happen with this administration, or will it be the next one?” He responded, “I think it’s time for a new administration.”

Stavridis added, “As the saying goes, elections have consequences.”

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