Ryan Slams ‘Ugliness’ in 2016 Politics

Wednesday while speaking to 200 congressional interns on Capitol Hill, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) criticized the “ugliness” of a 2016 presidential race.

Ryan said, “People with different ideas are not traitors. They are our fellow citizens, sometimes they are our friends and sometimes our own flesh and blood. We all know someone who we love who disagrees with us politically or votes differently. But in a confident America we are not afraid to disagree with each other. We don’t lock ourselves into in a echo chamber where we just tell us what we want to hear. Where we take comfort in the dogma and opinions  we already hold. We don’t shut down on people and we don’t shut people down. If someone has a bad idea, why don’t tell them I our idea is better. We don’t insult them into agreeing with us. we try to persuade them.”

He added, “Governing ourselves was never meant to be easy. It’s always been a tough business and when passions flare, ugliness is sometimes inevitable but we shouldn’t accept this as the norm we should demand better from ourselves. We should demand better from one another.”

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