Krauthammer: I Underestimated Trump Because His Appeal Seems ‘Unfathomable’

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz,”conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer said he underestimated the appeal of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump because he found his success, “unfathomable.”

Krauthammer said, “I found his appeal so unappealing that I found that unfathomable that he would garner such a large constituency. I still remain mildly amazed by the phenomenon. But I know longer deny it.”

He added, “I have absolutely no animus against him as a person. I have no reason to. Had he not become a presidential candidate, I mean, I don’t talk about him otherwise. I just think he out of his depths and while obviously he’s a good candidate — and maybe he will win — although I’d be surprised — I think he’d be very bad for the country. That’s the only criteria by which I judge him.”

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