Rick Perry: At Contested Convention ‘Real Republicans’ Will Support Ted Cruz

On Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” former Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX), also a former Republican presidential candidate, said if the nomination comes down to a contested convention, “real Republicans” will support Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Perry said, “In the second ballot, they’re freed up. they can go wherever they want. I’ll suggest to you, those are going to be what I refer to as real Republicans. They’re activist Republicans. Talking about they’re solidly in the pro-life, pro-traditional family economic world that you find most Republicans. And what you’ve seen in a lot of states is that, you know, to Donald Trump’s credit, he’s brought a lot of people in that aren’t Republicans that are basically, you know, they’ll admit they’re Democrats, but they kind of are intrigued by him or what have you. But philosophically, they are not in that limited government conservative camp. When that convention occurs, that’s the people that you will see voting. That’s the reason I think Ted Cruz in a contested convention is going to do very well.”

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