Cruz: Who Cares What Donald Trump Is Tweeting Late at Night?

Monday on the campaign trail in Wisconsin, when asked about the back and forth over candidates wives Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said the American people do not share the medias enthusiasm over his opponent GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s tweets.

Cruz said, “One of the things we’re seeing here in Wisconsin is that conservatives are coming together, Republicans are coming together. And when it comes to civility, there have been other candidates who have demonstrated a willingness to go to the gutter, to make personal attacks, to make sleazy attacks. I think the American people are sick of that. That has no place in politics. No candidate should be doing what Donald Trump did last week, which was attacking my wife and attacking my family.”

He continued, “I recognize that the favorite thing for folks in the media to cover is Donald Trump’s latest tweet late at night. But let me give an answer for the American people. Who cares? Who cares what Donald is Tweeting late at night? We need real solutions for the real problems in this country. That’s the focus of my campaign is jobs and economic growth and raising wages and protecting America and keeping us safe from radical Islamic terrorism. I have no interest in going down in the mud with Donald Trump. I’m going to stay focused with the voters and where Americans are focused, which is how we turn our country around and how we bring back jobs.”

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