Hundreds Show Up for ‘Sad Papaw’s’ Cookout

A lonely, burger-eating grandfather’s sad-faced picture went viral last week, and now the grandfather is no longer lonely or sad-faced.

Kenneth Harmon’s granddaughter Kelsey Harmon posted a picture of her “Papaw” eating a burger all by himself after he had cooked hamburgers for his family but only one of his six grandkids showed up after some miscommunication.

Once Kenneth Harmon became an internet sensation, his grandson invited any “Sad Papaw” fans to come to a cookout on Saturday in Oklahoma. Harmon was grilling hamburgers, sold for two dollars, and the family sold t-shirts that read “I had a burger with Sad Papaw.”

According to Harmon’s son, Rodney, hundreds of guests showed up from all around just to have a burger and take pictures with “Sad Papaw.”

“It’s been kinda crazy. We’re just overwhelmed with all the turnout and all the publicity,” Harmon told KFOR. “There are folks here from Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, California, Germany.”

Money raised from the cookout will cover expenses to host the cookout, and the rest will go to Papaw himself.

(h/t WSMV)

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