Trump: Cruz ‘Clueless’ on Trade

On Monday’s “Sean Hannity Show,” GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said rival candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is “clueless” on trade.

Trump said, “Look, nobody’s going to do what I can do. Nobody’s going to solve trade like I do. Every country in the world is ripping us off. Ted Cruz doesn’t have a clue. He’s clueless. And nobody’s going to be able to do with trade what I can do. Nobody’s going to be able to do it on the border. You know, I have Sheriff Joe of Arizona, who’s endorsing me. Everybody wanted his endorsement. It wasn’t even close he said. He made a speech the other day. He said it wasn’t even close. Nobody knows the border. Nobody understands what to do with the border like I do. Nobody knows what to with illegal immigration. If I didn’t bring up illegal immigration, you wouldn’t even be discussing it now, Sean.”

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