Washington Woman Saves Newborn Baby Found in Dumpster Mistaken for Doll

Per a Fox 8 report, a Washington woman’s motherly instincts helped save a newborn child this weekend.

Paula Andrews was throwing away some trash when she heard the sound of a crying baby. One woman first heard the cries, but thought they were coming from a doll. Andrews felt something was not right and had to see for herself.

She alerted 911 and climbed in the dumpster, in her Easter dress and high heels, and began digging through the trash. After sorting through roughly 20 bags of garbage and a microwave, Andrews found a newborn baby. The baby, covered in blood, still had the umbilical cord attached.

“I just had this motherly instinct,” Andrews told reporters. “I just think…I just think that God was just telling me something. Don’t stop. Keep digging. Find out. Make sure.”

Medics checked the baby out and warmed him before sending him to the hospital.

“To find a baby in a dumpster, it easily could have been compacted. He’s got some meaning in life. There is some purpose for this baby,” Andrews said.

The baby, still in the hospital, is reportedly in good condition. The search for his parents is still ongoing.

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