Carson: RNC Trying to ‘Pick and Choose’ the GOP Candidate

Friday on MSNBC, former Republican presidential candidate and Donald Trump supporter Dr. Ben Carson said he is concerned the Republican National Committee is trying “to pick and choose who the candidate should be.”

Partial transcript as follows:

TODD:  I want to ask you one final question of the meeting yesterday with the Trump campaign. Do you believe the RNC has been fair in this process, both when you were a candidate or now you are a supporter of Trump, do you think it is fair about the process?

CARSON: I think they think they are fair. But no I don’t think so. I think they try to pick and choose who the candidate should be. And they focus attention and help certain people and other people they try to ignore. But the important thing is the people and the RNC  and everybody, the DNC and everybody needs to recognize that this country is built around the will of the people. All of this big time political people need to stop for a moment and say, do we really care about what the people want?

TODD: Are you concerned that if Donald Trump does not get in the first ballot that the RNC will do whatever it takes to stop him?

CARSON: I think they’ll be thinking that way but hopefully between now and then, they’ll come to understand that if they try to under undermine the will of the people, they’ll destroy the party but they will fundamentally change the United States of America.

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