Arianna Huffington: Sleep Deprived Trump Campaigning Like He’s Drunk

Last weekend while promoting her new book, “The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time,” Arianna Huffington told Yahoo Global News’ Katie Couric that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who says he averages about four hours of sleep a night, is sleep deprived to the point he is “operating legally drunk.”

Huffington said, “The symptoms of his behavior are identical to symptoms of sleep deprivation. He actually has said he only sleeps about four hours a night, and he sleeps with his phone because he doesn’t want to be disconnected with what’s happening.”

She continued, “The question is not where do you get the energy? The question is what is it like to operate like you are drunk? Because the effect of so little sleep is like operating legally drunk.”

She added Trump has “played to people’s worst fears.”

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