Watch: Georgia Police Officer Punched in Face by Suspect in Playground Attack

According to a LaGrange News report, a LaGrange, GA police officer is recovering after being punched in the face by a suspect while responding to a call at a local playground this weekend.

Police were originally called about a man creating a disturbance at the playground because he allegedly picked up a child who did not belong to him.

Officer Brady Pike asked the unidentified man to set the child down. The man set the child down, and he then immediately lunged at Pike, punching him in the face.

The whole scuffle was caught on bystanders’ cellphones.

A video recorded an unknown amount of time later shows another police officer and a bystander helping Pike hold the man down and get him into handcuffs.

LaGrange Public Safety Chief Lou Dekmar said Pike was taken to the hospital to be checked out; Pike had a bloody nose and some cuts, but is expected to be fine.

“You go to a relatively routine call of a disturbance and then before you know it, you’re in the middle of fight,” Dekmar told the Daily News Sunday. “I have had a discussion with the patrol supervisor. He feels the officer acted within the departmental standards and policies and within state law enforcement policies. The incident will be reviewed by the department commander, the office of professional standards and me. That is standard on all use-of-force cases.”

Dekmar said that between 48,000 and 52,000 law enforcement officers across the country are physically assaulted while responding to 911 calls in any given year. He added 25 percent of those end up going to the hospital.

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