Ted Cruz: Trump ‘Gets Very Angry When The Voters Reject Him’

Wednesday in New York City, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) reacted to his rival Donald Trump calling him a Trojan horse and a pawn of Republican party bosses by saying Trump “gets very angry when the voters reject him.”

Cruz said, “Well, you know, Donald can always be counted on to take the high road and to demonstrate class. If he wants to engage in insults, he’s welcome to do so. He gets very angry when the voters reject him. He has now lost in four states in a row. He lost a landslide election in Utah. He lost all six delegates that were elected in Colorado. He lost badly in North Dakota and yesterday in Wisconsin, a state that he bragged the day before — the day before yesterday, Donald Trump promised a quote, ‘big victory in Wisconsin,’ and not only did he not get a big victory but the men and women of Wisconsin resoundingly rejected his campaign. And the reason is simple, Donald has no solutions to the problems we’re facing. He likes to yell and scream and insult and curse, and his statement last night was consistent with that. But he has no real solutions to bringing jobs back to America.”

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