Trump Senior Policy Adviser: GOP Front-Runner to Give ‘Series of Policy Speeches’ Including Foreign Policy, Trade, Immigration

Wednesday on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Stephen Miller, the senior policy adviser for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s presidential campaign said to anticipate a “series of policy speeches” from Trump on the heels of the campaign’s loss in Wisconsin GOP presidential primary.

Miller told host Lou Dobbs those policy speeches would include the topics of foreign policy, trade policy and immigration policy.

“As you may be seeing, we’re going to be doing a series of policy speeches getting into more detail about the issues that have animated the campaign and have been at the center of this election,” Miller said. “And really, I would say three of those big issues are foreign policy, trade policy and immigration policy. And Lou, this is something you’ve covered so much. But in those three areas, the political class has drifted far away from where the voters are, whether it’s reckless interventionism, whether it’s shipping over manufacturing jobs overseas or whether it’s admitting such a large number of migrant workers that you can’t earn a fair wage in America.”

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