Bill Clinton: Hillary Held To ‘Some Different Standards’

Former President Bill Clinton stated that his wife his wife, Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is held to “some different standards” in response to a question from MSNBC Political Reporter Alex Seitz-Wald on whether Hillary is qualified to be president, and whether a man with her track record would face the same criticism broadcast on Friday’s “The Place for Politics 2016” on MSNBC.

During his report, Seitz-Wald said that he asked Clinton about charges that Hillary is unqualified to be president, and whether a male candidate with Hillary’s experience would face the same charge.

Clinton answered, “I think she’d be the best president, and I think it’s obvious by a country mile, and that’s all that matters to me. Yes, I think there are some different standards. Some of them are subconscious.”

(h/t Real Clear Politics)

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