Trump: Cruz ‘Has Hatred’ for New York, Would Never Give Them Anything if President

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump called in as a guest on Fox News Channel’s “Justice” with Judge Jeanine Pirro Saturday, and the two discussed the upcoming New York state primary.

Pirro asked Trump what he thought Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) hoped to gain from stumping in the state of New York after he criticized Trump for having “New York values.”

Trump responded, “When you look at his face during the debate, he was talking of New York values as though he hates New Yorkers, which is his real feeling. And if he ever got in, he would give nothing to New York. He would never help New York. You always need help. I mean — places, states, cities, they need help. They need help from the federal government. They need all sorts of money for all sorts of projects. He will never give anything to New York. He has hatred for New York. And you could see it, the way he expressed, and it wasn’t even the fact that he talked about New York values, it was the way he said it. The tone and the expression, and I just don’t think that New Yorkers are going to fall for it.”

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