Arizona’s #Deadbeat Program Successfully Shaming Parents Into Paying Child Support

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) set up a program in January 2016 that would publicly shame parents who owe child support in order to get them to pay up, according to a report by Tucson News Now.

The #Deadbeat program shames parents who owe child support by their names, photos, and the amount of child support they owe by posting it on a Twitter account.

The Twitter account is managed by the Arizona Department of Economic Security, and has shamed 40 people in the first four months. Of the 40 named people, six of them have already been found. The Arizona Department of Economic Security has received over 300 tips on the others so far.

The department has more than 400 more parents who owe child support to shame online. The “deadbeats” all owe over $5,000 in child support, have not paid in at least six months and also have a warrant out for their arrest.

Daniel Ruiz II, Director of Media Affairs at Arizona Governor’s Office told Tucson News Now of the program:

“The #deadbeat initiative is a success. We’ve located child support evaders, and the initiative is serving as a deterrent – encouraging evaders to pay up to avoid being featured on social media. Parents have an obligation to their children and there should be zero tolerance for those who skirt their financial responsibilities.”

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