Bill Clinton: Hillary ‘Better Qualified to Be President for This Time Than I Was When I Ran’

Tuesday in New York City, while on the campaign trail for his wife Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, former president Bill Clinton said his wife was uniquely qualified to be president at this time because “the world’s in tough shape.”

Clinton said, “She was the most popular political figure in America. Now the Republicans worked hard to change that and I don’t blame them, they just don’t want to run against her. I wouldn’t want to run against her either, because she’s better qualified to be president for this time than I was when I ran, because of the trouble around the world … The world’s in tough shape, and one of the things that could stop us from rising together is a crisis around the world. I want somebody there that doesn’t have to figure it out. I want somebody there that will instinctively know what to do.”

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