Cowherd: The Media Treats the NCAA Like It’s ISIS

On the Tuesday broadcast of “The Herd” on Fox Sports 1, host Colin Cowherd ripped sports media for how it treats the NCAA over issues like paying student athletes or allowing schools like Michigan host a satellite camp in Florida.

Cowherd reasoned that many of the athletes are getting free education when they would otherwise never even be able to get into the school if it was not for their athletic ability. He added that the sports media treats the NCAA like it is ISIS, despite how well the NCAA treats its student athletes.

“I think you get to a point where you’re just piling on and I don’t like bullies. And I think the press, the American sports media, has become a bully with the NCAA,” Cowherd said.

He continued, “Schools give out $3 billion a year in scholarships, often to kids who don’t even qualify academically for the school. $3 billion a year. But if you read the sports media, the NCAA is a nuclear plant leaking radiation and killing our children. It’s virtually ISIS. That’s how the NCAA is covered. The NCAA in conjunction with universities pays for everything, gives out educational opportunities to the tune of $3 billion a year annually. Those athletes leave college, most have no student debt. You do and you qualified for the school and worked a lot harder or as hard on academics as the jock did on his jumper.”

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