Heilemann: Trump Tapping Into ‘Populist Kind of Energy’ By Calling the System ‘Rigged’

Tuesday on “CBS This Morning,” Bloomberg Politics co-managing editor of politics John Heilemann argued that although Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump looks tactically unprepared in his quest for 1,237 delegates to win the Republican presidential nomination, by going on the offensive and declaring the GOP primary system to be rigged.

“Look, this is a year when in both parties vast parts of the bases, Democratic and Republican, believe comprehensively that the system is rigged,” Heilemann said. “So Donald Trump is trying to tap in again to the populist kind of energy that’s fueled his campaign all along. I think, you know, all the complaints about it, the responses that he should figure it out, his campaign should be better, etc., etc. They’re all 100 percent right. But this talking point for him for the next two months is not a bad one politically speaking.”

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