Sanders: Hillary’s Promise to Represent Working Class ‘Doesn’t Past the Laugh Test’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said his rival Hillary Clinton’s claims she will represent the middle and working class when the majority of her donations come from the the top 1 percent “kind of doesn’t past the laugh test.”

Sanders said, “We have received $7 million individual campaign contributions averaging $27 a piece, unprecedented in American history. But the bottom line here is how do you revitalize American democracy. I don’t think you do that by raising money from the top 1 percent and then say to working class people, or the middle class I’m here to represent you. That kind of doesn’t past the laugh test. People see that. And that’s why so many people don’t vote, why they understand that congress ends up working for the people on top rather than their interests. So, I think we need a revolution in this country, certainly in campaign finance, that means overturning Citizens United. For the Democratic Party that means an emphasis on getting more working people, young people, in the political process, dependents on small campaign contributions, not big money the way Secretary Clinton is raising it.”

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