Lanny Davis: Very Little Difference Between Clinton and Sanders, ‘Would You Find Me Something They Disagree On?’

Former special counsel to President Bill Clinton, and Clinton ally Lanny Davis argued that there is almost no difference between Hillary Clinton and fellow Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and wondered, “Would you find me something they disagree on?” on Monday’s “Alan Colmes Radio” show on Fox News Radio.

Davis stated, [relevant remarks begin around 7:10] “They both agree on universal healthcare. They both agree on choice. They both agree on immigration reform. They both agree on the environment, on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, on every major anti-Wall Street proposal, they both agree on it. Would you find me something they disagree on? Yes, there’s rhetoric about taking campaign contributions from Wall Street, but so did Barack Obama. There’s rhetoric about her being soft on taking those donations, then she asked him, name me one issue that influenced me. He couldn’t.”

Davis added that during campaigns “We all get overtaken by the rhetoric.”

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