CNN’s Serfaty: Cruz Official Says They Don’t Expect to Win Any Delegates In New York

CNN Correspondent Sunlen Serfaty reported that a Cruz campaign official told her “they do not expect to win any delegates at all coming out of New York.” During the network’s coverage of the New York primaries on Tuesday.

Serfaty said, “You know, the Cruz campaign and Senator Cruz himself not projecting confidence in any way at their chances in New York. We just heard Senator Cruz already wrap up his speech here in Philadelphia tonight, and his only mention that the New York primary’s going on tonight, a brief mention at the top of his remarks, where he said, I’m not going to talk to you about some politician tonight, who’s going to win his home state. He said, rather he’s going to talk about his vision forward, so all but ignoring the New York primary. And what he laid out tonight was more of a message of hope and inspiration that we’ve heard from him before, mentioning Steve Jobs, mentioning the US putting men on the moon, really laying out a new vision for his campaign saying — piggybacking on Barack Obama’s ‘Yes we can,’ saying it’s not ‘Yes we can,’ it’s going to be ‘Yes we will.’ And going forward the Cruz campaign though, they have set expectations rock bottom for tonight, a Cruz campaign official telling me earlier this evening that they do not expect to win any delegates at all coming out of New York.”

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