Wisconsin Student Wearing KKK Garb for Class Receiving Backlash

A Wisconsin high school student wearing a Ku Klux Klan costume for a class presentation is catching some heat for his attire, per a 5 News Online report.

One of the student’s classmates at Westosha Central High School took the photo of the student, who was wearing the KKK outfit while making a presentation about crime in the 1920s. The photo eventually ended up online, where many questioned why the student would wear such attire.

“I would have said something – like maybe, instead of putting it on, I would have shown it not on myself,” senior Camille Tracy told 5 News Online.

Brett Sandberg, a graduate of the school, said via 5 News Online, “Once I heard it – I just can`t believe someone would actually put that on.”

Not everyone in the community saw the picture in a bad light.

“He’s not wearing it to recess. He’s wearing it for educational purposes. If that’s what his presentation was and he wanted to wear it, yeah he should,” said Jack Harris, who reportedly lives near the school.

The principal posted a since-deleted statement apologizing for the student’s decision, citing his “eagerness to do a good job” rather than meaning any harm.

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