Chuck Todd: Trump New York Win May Cause Those Thinking About Joining the ‘Stop Trump’ Movement ‘to Give Pause’

Wednesday, the day after New York State’s Republican presidential primary, NBC’s “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd weighed in GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s commanding victory.

According to Todd, he may not have gotten to the point where all Republicans are going to start rallying behind him, but he may have slowed the growth of the so-called “Stop Trump” movement.

“I don’t know if we’re at the point they’re going to rally behind him, but he may stop the bleeding and he may at least get anybody thinking about joining the ‘Stop Trump’ movement to give a pause. Look, what he did post-Wisconsin, the day after Wisconsin, there was a lot of people declaring, ‘OK, maybe the ‘Stop Trump’ movement is real.’ In 13 days, he turned his campaign around and put it back on the path to the nomination.”

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