Watch: Knocked Out Bartender Robbed, Ignored by Bystanders, Left in Street to Die

Surveillance footage released Wednesday shows more than a dozen people do nothing to assist a Chicago bartender after he was attacked, left unconscious on the street and eventually run over by a taxi.

Per Chicago Tribune, 32-year-old Marques Gaines passed away February 7 at a Chicago hospital from injuries he sustained just outside of a 7-Eleven in the city.

Gaines’ family released the video, and has filed a wrongful death and negligence lawsuit against several businesses, including the 7-Eleven, and taxi companies because of the incident.

In the video, Gaines gets confronted by a man just outside of the store. Another angle then shows an assailant delivering a knockout blow on Gaines, with Gaines falling on the side of the road.

Two people then quickly ran over and appeared to go through Gaines’ pockets. Bystanders looked on as Gaines laid there rather than blocking off traffic or moving him to the sidewalk. After a little more than two minutes passed, a taxi ran over him.

According to the family, Gaines was missing his cellphone and debit card.

The initial attacker remains at large, but Chicago police are still investigating.

The taxi driver was not cited on scene, but is also mentioned in the pending lawsuit.

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