Obama Attributes Presidential Term Limits to Founding Fathers

Sunday a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at Herrenhausen Palace in Hanover, Germany, President Barack Obama said the founding fathers wisdom set term limits for the presidency but the Twenty-second Amendment of the Constitution which sets a two term limit the office of president of the United States was ratified on February 27, 1951.

Obama said,  “With respect to your last question, I do not envy Angela Merkel for not having term limits. I have said this before. I love this job. It is an extraordinary privilege. I wake up every day knowing that what I do matters and that I can help somebody somewhere, both inside the United States and around the world. Make the world a little safer, a little prosperous, help sometime get an education, held some disease get cured, it is an extra ordinary privilege, but I have come to appreciate at least in the United States the wisdom of our founders.”

“I think it is healthy for a big diverse country like ours to have some turnover,” he continued. “To use a phrase from basketball, some fresh like to come in — fresh legs to come in. Or choose another sports phrase, I run my leg of the race and I passed the baton to the other person. I will be sure that when I leave my office the desk will be clean and it will be better off in the way I found it.”

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