Trump, Jr Says Father Not Putting on ‘an Act’ — ‘Talks About Things in a Certain Way’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” when asked about Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s convention manager Paul Manafort’s comments last week at a Republican National Committee meeting saying that Trump is playing a “part,” Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr., said it wasn’t an act.

Trump, Jr. said, “There’s aspects of things he’ll take things to a level that they need to be taken to, to be able to draw attention to it. If you look at any of the issues that he’s spoken he’ll talk about them in a way no one else has and take them to a certain level. issue that was taboo, no one wanted to touch, people are talking about it, so it’s not that it’s an act but sometimes he has to talk about things in a certain way to draw the requisite attention that that topic needs. No one else will touch it if he hasn’t done that. For him this is a natural evolution, switching over, getting focused on the general election he has to talk to the broader audience. I think it’s a natural progression.”

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