Cruz: Hillary Picked Trump As Her Vice President

Tuesday while campaigning in Indiana, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) joked that because his rival Donald Trump shares “her vision of the federal government,” Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has picked Trump as her vice president.

Cruz said, “Now, there’s been a lot of media speculation lately about vice presidential vetting and I have an announcement to make, a major announcement, Hillary Clinton has decided on her vice presidential nominee. Hillary has picked Donald Trump. Now, it’s important to note Hillary had a very careful vetting process that went into this. She wanted someone who shared her vision of the federal government. You know, Donald Trump did recently a town hall and he was asked name of the top functions of the federal government. He said security and then he said health care, education and housing. Funny, if you asked Hillary she would say the same thing. If you ask Bernie, Bernie would say wow, that’s aggressive. You don’t only want socialized medicine, you also want to put the federal government in charge of all education, common core. According to Donald that’s the core responsibility of the federal government. And housing? How many people are ready for the federal government taking over the housing market? You know Donald and Hillary they are flip sides of the same coin.”

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